Friday, December 30, 2016

Intel Update "HAARP"

One of the fundamental ways that the planet has been controlled by Archonic factions is through the use of scalar wave or HAARP facilities.

HAARP facilities can be found in their public places as well as at the poles.

These facilities give off a substance at key times when Archonic or negative factions such as the Dracos need to pull off an operation. A perfect example would be in the aftermath of 9/11.

This substance is basically dark matter and causes human-beings to make weird, irrational decisions because it erodes the etheric-brains capacity to think.

One of the fundamental secrets of certain black magick factions is that they do rituals to scalar waves. They will often wear black cloaks to symbolize the protective wear that various off-planet factions use to operate on the surface of planets that have been scalar-waved.

Off-planet factions use protective suits so that they don't get dissociated out while carrying out operations on the surface of the planet or in open space that has been contaminated by scalar waves. Being dissociated out while in scalar-wave space can lead to them being genetically altered in deep underground military bases and being trapped for the duration of a cycle on an archon-controlled planet.

The giant deception used by the masters of the Illuminati is that they don't actually worship scalar-waves but bait their subordinates into worshiping scalar-waves so that they can easily control them.

These facilities are the base layer of the Veil and still exist on the surface of this planet.

There is a counter-substance that can be used to lift the presence of scalar-waves.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Astral Plane Update "Spirit Transfers"

There is an ancient technology that is currently being abused on the astral plane that causes the spirit of a person to be transferred with another spirit that is without a body on the astral plane.

A lot of the surface population have had at least two spirits entering in and out of their physical body throughout the course of their lifetime. 

This technology has always been used by the Archons on the astral plane in order to put people that are striving for change on the surface of the planet into situations that are detrimental to their situation. This is often done by transferring the spirits of their family, spouse or anyone essential to their life mission at key times throughout their journey with a spirit that is out to harm them.

Astral body is another term for spirit.

The astral body affects the personality of a person. An example of a successful spirit transfer by the Draco Federation would be transferring the spirit of a wealthy person that is about to give someone money to help the planet with another spirit that has no intention of giving out money.

Over time the astral body can magnetize the etheric body which can lead to a moderate change in facial features.

Another sign of a spirit transfer would be a complete change in the habits of a person overnight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shapeshifting Dracos

In order to control the planet Dracos have historically used a shapeshifting technology in order to consolidate power over the ruling elite.

Throughout history the main Illuminati families could not make themselves sociopathic and sadistic enough to control the population of Earth. In order to counter this Draco factions would kill of the factions, come to the Earth shapeshifted in their form and consolidate power over the governments and military of the planet.

An example of this would be the years before WWII, shapeshifted Dracos came to the surface out of deep underground military bases in the form of Illuminati factions in order to set up the conditions that lead to one of the most devastating wars in the history of humanity.

The physics of orbit allows for one to completely shapeshift into whatever crosses one's mind. For example if you were to be sitting in a space station in orbit without some type of technology that mimics the physics of the surface of Earth, you would be able to shapeshift into whatever you thought about. If you saw yourself as a frog in your mind's eye then you would become frog.

The Dracos simply use a belt along with another technology that holds a picture in their mind in order to live on the surface as a shapeshifted human being. The belt creates the physics of orbit in their torsion field or aura. They are often the Grandmasters of the Illuminati and conduct epic rituals in this form.

Dracos may or may not be on the surface currently looking for key individuals.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Galactic Central Sun Invocation

 A simple Galactic Central Sun invocation will bring the energy of evolution into your energy field.

I invoke the Galactic Central Sun.

I evoke the Galactic Central Sun.

Intel Update

There are multiple Archonic factions that have access to very advanced implants. These implants influence have a lot of influence on certain cultures on the face of this planet. A lot of these implants are aimed at controlling the youth in order to create an arhonic generation.

The Draco Federation has access to a lot of implants. This alliance of genetically altered Dracos are not just 4d beings but have factions tha operate across many dimensions or frequencies of space.

There is a Merope dissidant faction that has access to high level implants that influence some of the more populated cultures on this planet. This faction uses these implants to control the youth. This faction has a lot disdain towards the females of their society and are prone to homosexuality. Merope is a star in the Pleiades. They have factions that are considered a part of the Pleiadian Federation.

The benevolent off-planet factions would like for the people to make a more concentrated effort to make some sort of contact with the sun or Sol star in order to flag problems that are on this planet. This area of space is under heavy scalar-wave attack which means that some of the benevolent factions cannot physically see the Earth due to the intrusions by Archonic factions. Delta missions are needed in order to flag problems.
There are a million physical shape-shifted Dracos that are in deep underground military bases that came to Earth during the Archon invasion of January 12, 1996. This faction has technology and may make their way to the surface of the planet.

All of the stars in our immediate vicinity are under Xanax and Scalar wave attack. Pay attention to the energy of the sun.

The Blackwater/ISIS presence has compromised the youth of most first world countries. A lot of these kids have sold out to ISIS. There are still Asian youth factions operating for Blackwater/ISIS. They are still carrying out attacks against major websites and video game outlets.  

 The Agartha Network is beginning the process of opening up their doors for the first time in modern human history,

Intel Update "Implant Stations"

There are multiple Archonic factions that have access to very advanced implants. These implants influence have a lot of influence on certain cultures on the face of this planet. A lot of these implants are aimed at controlling the youth in order to create an arhonic generation.

The Draco Federation has access to a lot of implants. This alliance of genetically altered Dracos are not just 4d beings but have factions tha operate across many dimensions or frequencies of space.

There is a Merope dissidant faction that has access to high level implants that influence some of the more populated cultures on this planet. This faction uses these implants to control the youth. This faction has a lot disdain towards the females of their society and are prone to homosexuality. Merope is a star in the Pleiades. They have factions that are considered a part of the Pleiadian Federation.

The benevolent off-planet factions would like for the people to make a more concentrated effort to make some sort of contact with the sun or Sol star in order to flag problems that are on this planet. This area of space is under heavy scalar-wave attack which means that some of the benevolent factions cannot physically see the Earth due to the intrusions by Archonic factions. Delta missions are needed in order to flag problems.
There are a million physical shape-shifted Dracos that are in deep underground military bases that came to Earth during the Archon invasion of January 12, 1996. This faction has technology and may make their way to the surface of the planet.

All of the stars in our immediate vicinity are under Xanax and Scalar wave attack. Pay attention to the energy of the sun.

The Agartha Network is beginning the process of opening up their doors for the first time in modern human history,

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Orion Debt Slave System

The current financial system has been a giant ponzi scheme meant to consolidate power for the top Illuminati factions.

This ponzi scheme was solidified in December of 1913 during a secret session of Congress that lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a secret corporation that isn't under the control of any government.

Since 1913 the value of the dollar has been completely decimated.

The Federal Reserve is the modern manifestation of the Orion Debt Slave System that is used by the Draco Federation to keep entire populations pacified and immersed in a slave paradigm.

The Orion Debt Slave System is protected by stranglet bombs.

Stranglet bombs are one of the most advanced type of weapons in this sector of space. Large quantities of them can be found in Montauk to help the Chimera group as well as under key world capitols that are connected to financial infrastructure.

A stranglet bomb can easily blind and deafen the entire population of a planet before it completely engulfs it physically. The planet would then ignite and be burnt to a crisp.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The ISIS Presence

ISIS began as a rogue mercenary army. It quickly turned into a massive psy-ops ordered directly from some of the top Illuminati families. The conflict in Syria went under the radar because it was mostly contained. It began to spiral out of control in 2015 when an off-planet faction began implanting the ISIS remnants with etheric implants that caused their electro-shock torture programming to constantly regenerate.

Blackwater/Academi is a Bush-era corporation that started with the intent of producing bodyguards. It evolved into an armed security personnel group that mostly operated in Iraq while the conflict was winding down.

Blackwater first hit public headlines in 2007 when a handful of armed personnel opened fire in a busy Iraq city killing many.

The war in Syria began as a moderately peaceful civil protest in 2011 against the Assad regime. The protests turned violent which lead to an armed revolt Blackwater personnel entered Syria to form the mercenary known as ISIS.

Illuminati factions created a psy-ops over the next few years citing ISIS as Islamic State which was meant to help them form a state acknowledged by other countries. The falsehood is that ISIS were ever competent, equipped or trained enough to stand against the Syrian army. The conflict in Syria was a proxy war in the sense that ISIS was being supplied by other countries in order to destabilize the region.

The tools that turned ISIS into an exopolitical faction first came to the Earth in 2007 when a rogue faction brought an implant that made human beings a lot more susceptible to sadism. As the conflict in Syria winded down members of ISIS began to be implanted with this etheric device which caused them to never want to stop fighting and pillaging.

There was always a Draco faction with shapeshifting technology in deep underground military base below Syria. ISIS members were making contact with this faction throughout their stay in Syria. This Draco faction taught them the art of black magick and deception to the extent that ISIS basically became a Draco faction operating on the surface of the planet. The Dracos openly possessed them and gave them orders. The members of ISIS were not far from being genetically altered to become Dracos.

The war became unprecedented for key countries in September of 2014 when ISIS was basically destroyed only to be resurrected by an exopolitical faction.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The White Dragon/ISIS Relationship

The White Dragon Society is a criminal organization that was formed by the Lin family. Basically the White Dragon Society carries out alpha operations such as assassinations and abductions on Western soil for that particular family.

The White Dragon Society is able to carry out operations on U.S. soil because of their knowledge of the expansive tunneling system that was used during late Atlantis. They are able to go in and out of tunnels with ease because most police forces outside of Illuminati cities are not aware of these tunnels.

The White Dragon Society sold out to ISIS in order to annex large portions of territory on Western soil. They are heavily involved in the onslaught against internet infrastructure.

The White Dragon Society split from the Lins in ideology when they alligned with a 3d/4d dissident faction from the Merope star in the Pleiades. This faction brainwashed them against the women of the world. They also offered them technology.

Although it was formed by the Lins the White Dragon Society is a separate entity in the sense that it is a corporation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Intel Update "ISIS Implants"

The ISIS problem in Syria turned into a devastating exopoitical problem when Archon groups began implanting the ISIS terrorists which caused them to completely lose their mind. This lead to sadist acts on a massive scale.

The situation got even worst when ISIS elements began to infiltrate western countries. This lead to a zombie apocalypse-type scenario with millions upon millions of people receiving the ISIS implants.

This lead to a direct intervention by benevolent off-planet factions with the intention of quarantining the ISIS implants. The entire solar system was threatened due to technology that exists in underground tunnels. 

The Dracos played off the situation. The idea was to turn everyone on the planet into a Tall White Being by genetic altering them. This process has since been reversed. 

A large portion of the planet became a casualty due to the ISIS implants.

The situation is still being reversed. The problem now is ancient breakaway factions that exist in underground tunnels. These factions are holding the planet hostage with scalar-wave facilities. 

Scalar waves cause everything to appear darkened. They can cause people to become dissociated out and forget things. Scalar waves have a psychedelic effect on consciousness, 

Scalar waves can cause the Earth and sun to literally die which leads to all of us dying as well.

Scalar waves are the fundamental reason why the Dracos and the Illuminati are able to have influence over the planet. In order to finish the intervention people must be taught about scalar waves so that the Orion Slave System can never occur on this planet again. Please teach others and learn more about scalar waves using your own natural abilities. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scalar Waves

Scalar Waves are a component that are commonly used by Archonic groups to dissociate people into making bad decisions.

This component can literally kill a star or a planet when focused in great quantity.

Scalar waves make it very hard for higher-dimensional groups to intervene on Earth because it can contaminate their body causing them to make bad decisions which could lead to them being caught in the reincarnation cycle.

Scalar waves made up a large portion of the Veil which was completely dismantled in February of 2015. 

It also makes it very hard for super-groups to see what is going on with Earth because they literally cannot see the planet when they look down.

Scalar waves originate from a parallel universe. They were brought here by accident when a group figured out how to phase into this universe. Archonic religions began to form around scalar waves because of how it could be used as a weapon to cause people to dissociate.

Another word for scalar waves is dark matter.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Intel Update 8-16-16 "The Chimera Group & The Veil"

The Veil is a combination of technology that produces scalar waves and media/cultural brainwashing which makes it very hard for people to expand their mind.

There was a technology that was being used by the Draco group operating out of Montauk that would create a scalar-wave cloud or dome that would form over major cities.The cloud would make it very hard for any type of psychic contact to occur between humans and off-planet factions operating outside of Earth's atmosphere.

Another technology that was being used by the Draco group operating out of Montauk is a scalar weapon that would send a concentrated beam at starseeds and other individuals that were beginning to carry out their mission. This attack would often be combined with some type of contact made from a mind-control victim that was possessed by a Draco often through social media sites.

The main layer of the Veil is the collective notion by humanity that people must work in order to be considered valuable by society.

In the past media brainwashing played a major part of the Veil especially following the 9/11 attacks and the psy-ops campaign that followed.

A meditation by the Resistance Movement in February of 2015 caused a large portion of the Veil to completely dissolve.

Now the final layer of the Veil is beginning to dissolve which will lead to the Compression Breakthrough.

 The Montauk or Chimera group committed suicide in late December of 2015. The galactic central sun pulses as well as the refugee crisis was causing people to wake up to the reality of the Illuminati.

The Montauk group that is often connected to the Montauk Project was killed by an EMP weapon in 1989. A new group entered the base in 1996 following the Archon invasion.

The Montauk group was EMPed because hundreds of kids were beginning to go missing in the neighboring area. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Russian Breakaway Civilization

The final deluge of Atlantis marked the departure of most benevolent groups from this planet including the group that is depicted as the pantheon gods. Upon their departure entered a 3d archonic group that set up in the same area. This group operated mostly out of deep underground military bases underneath what is now known as Greece.

This group took advantage of the chaos of WWI in Russia and gained a lot of influence over the surface military of Russia.

This group has a lot of technology including stasis-pods. They have used stasis-pods to pacify and sometimes genetically alter influential people on this planet.

This group practices black magick and is one of the chosen groups of the Dracos. They often perform demonic invocations.

This group also has always had infrastructure in orbit.

This group had a lot of influence on Earth and are one of the main ways that the Dracos were able to maintain control over this planet throughout the cycle.

Without the technology of the Russian Breakaway Civilization the Dracos would have never been able to hold their foothold on this planet. Also the Dracos would have never been able to dissociate random off-planet groups from intervening on Earth. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7-27-16 Intel Update "Refugee Crisis"

The leading Illuminati/Cabal factions are being implanted with type of technology that is operating from an implant station centered in Alpha Draconis.

There is a stand-off that is still occurring in Alpha Draconis involving stranglet bombs. This situation is very much connected to the irrational behaviors and mindsets that is shown by many of the leading Illuminati/Cabal factions. 

The Sphere Beings, a heavily programmed 7d reptilian group, are partially responsible for the on-going refugee crisis that is still occurring in Europe.

The Sphere Beings have implanted mind-control victims connected to the ISIS situation with an implant technology that causes the victim to never deprogram or heal fully.

The refugee crisis is a psy-ops being carried out by mind-control victims who are programmed to believe they are a part of the terrorist organization ISIS. This psy-ops began with 7/7 era mind-control victims that were still living in Europe.

The refugee crisis lead to the downfall of one of the leading Cabal/Illuminati factions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Intel Update 7-19-16 "Syria"

The war in Syria had its beginnings in 2011 as a protest against the regime. It then quickly turned into a proxy war with ISIS as the funded proxy army. After the Russian intervention in 2014 it turned into something much different, an exopolitical affair.

There are negative ET factions that have existed in bases underneath Syria since the time of Atlantis. These factions had a lot of influence in the actions and the decisions made by all of the groups involved with the conflict.

The goddess vortex underneath Syria is actually a crystal-technology that was placed there during early Atlantis. It makes the region unusually purified which causes psychic ability to be magnified. The area is not a chakra node of the planet.

There are many Atlantean and Roman tunnels underneath Syria. The main tunnel runs underground from Europe, though Syria and the Middle East, to the Giza pyramid in Libya. Its orignal use during Atlantean times was for different groups to mingle and experience the energies. It was mainly charged by the pyramid of Giza but also experienced energetic influences from the crystal technology that is located underneath Syria. It's other use was for different groups to experience and show-off each others technology.

For these reasons, Syria has always been an energetic node of the planet that has drawn interest from negative factions.

The war in Syria quickly became a feast for the Dracos because they feasted off of the atrocities that were being committed. They were also dissociating people into committing horrific actions against the population of Syria.

The war in Syria was a lot worst than anyone can really imagine and the consequences are still being felt from it.

The war was originally being supported by the Illuminati but it spun out of control and backfired in their face. It didn't really serve much of a purpose for the Illuminati other than to disrupt the evolution of the collective consciousness that was emerging due to the galactic central sun.

Think about the wars that are going on at this very moment.

Many people thought that the conflict was simply a civil war between two political factions but it nearly escalated into a widespread regional war that could have engulfed the Middle East.

Besides the Dracos, Ashtar also had a hand in Syria. He put many of the casualties in Syria back including some of the original ISIS members.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Final Deluge of Atlantis

During the final centuries of Atlantis there were basically three classes of people. There were the people that operated out of orbit that came from the Pleiades, there were the people that existed on the main continent of Atlantis and the colonies, and there were the people that existed everywhere else.

What many people don't realize is that during Atlantean times there were millions of people who had absolutely no clue as to what was going on. These people had very little technology and were not that much different from the indigenous tribes that exist today. These people often became toys of the Atlanteans. They would experiment on these people with the technology that they had developed. The Atlanteans were known for their genetic experiments. There are many hieroglyphs and cave-paintings that exist of humans with animal heads or other animal parts. These paintings are historical records of the genetic atrocities that were taking place on the surface of this planet during late-Atlantean times.

The other technological group that existed on this planet operated out of orbit and openly ran physical missions inside of the atmosphere of Earth. This group was known as the Pleiadian High Command. They often went back and forth between the Taygeta system and this solar system. Their main objective during the final centuries of Atlantis was to counter the growing Draco presence that was taking control over Atlantean society.

Atlantis had many colonies. The main island was located in what is known today as the Bermuda Triangle. By the time of the final deluge the Dracos almost had complete control over this area. There were other colonies such as Egypt and Greece which were a lot less under the control of the Dracos. These colonies continued to exist for a short period after the final deluge.

The final deluge wasn't a natural disaster. It was caused by archonic group that began to see the Atlanteans as rivals. They destroyed the main continent using a super-sonar technology.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Intel Update 7-12-16 "Illuminati Update"

The implant stations inside of the Kepler belt were successfully removed by the Pleiadians which lead to key Illuminati members having moments of clarity.

There are other groups on this planet that exist that are separate from the Illuminati/Cabal that can rival the Dracos/reptilians in technology and power.

These groups exist outside of the Illuminati and have always been baited into using their technology to consolidate power over the population for the Dracos.

Most of the key Illuminati members on the face of the planet have been removed. These are the people that do not appear in public and are generally unknown.

The head of the Illuminati has been cut off and there hasn't been any organization by them in nearly 7 months.

The hierarchy of the Illuminati/Cabal is under complete siege and is falling a part at a very accelerated pace.

Any group that enters into the atmosphere of the planet either physically or etherically is immediately tracked by groups with advanced technology. They are then targeted with a technology that simulates the effects electro-shock torture. This makes it very hard for the group to make decisions while operating within the atmosphere. It also leads to a lot of groups being baited into landing physically on the surface of the planet and being forced into stasis-pods by certain Draco factions.

Non-physically or etherically the Pleiadians have been going back and forth between Taygeta and our solar system. Physically the vast majority of them are in stasis-pods underground in the Taygeta system or in deep underground military bases around the world. 

The Ashtar Command which is an off-shoot of the Pleiadian fleet has been in orbit around the Earth sinch the 1950s and can be considered one of the secret space program factions.There was a general split among the Pleiadian High Command which lead to the creation of the Ashtar Command. Ashtar was willing to align with the Dracos in order to have some control of the Earth while the Pleiadian faction would only settle for unconditional surrender. There has always been people in the Ashtar Command that baited Ashtar into making decisions that aided the population of Earth.

Neither of the groups can live up to the prestige given to them by New Age lore. They make mistakes like everyone else but together the Asthar Command and Pleiadians have delayed the plans of the Cabal for 10,000 years which has given the population of Earth a chance to evolve at the end of this cycle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intel Update 7-5-16 "On-Going Intervention"

We are in the opening stages of an unprecedented intervention that will lead to global changes on the face of this planet.

All negative groups along with their infrastructure are currently in the process of being removed.

This sector is the only area in this galaxy and local galaxies where the Dracos were able to successfully wage war. There are many groups that exist non-physically and are not conscious of the fact that their physical bodies are in stasis pods.

Stasis-pods are a type of technology that mimics the physics of orbit. In other words, the person inside of the pod is able to receive nourishment without eating, is completely purified, and is very immersed in dreams. There are a lot of off-planet groups that have been regularly operating etherically inside of this solar system but are not conscious of the fact that they have been placed into stasis pods by the Draco Federation many millenias ago. An example of a stasis pod would be the technology witnessed in the first matrix movie without the pink goo.

As we speak, there is currently a stand-off ongoing in Alpha Draconis. Very evolved benevolent groups have become conscious of the intervention occurring on Earth and decided to lower their frequency so that a massive sector-wide intervention could begin to dissolve the final remnants of the Draco Federation that took over this galaxy many millions of years ago. They are giving the Dracos a chance to stand down and deprogram. Most of the infrastructure that the Dracos have been using is connected to a mother computer located in Alpha Draconis. While the infrastructure has been removed from Earth it needs to be understood that there are still implants that influence thousands of other races that were once under the dominion of the Draco Federation.

 Understand that there are literally billions of evolved groups that exist physically that have never experienced war, famine or destruction. There are also super-groups that exist way above the ascended master frequency or 5th dimensional frequency that has been made famous by the New Age Movement.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

WWII History

While WWI was a Rothschild war to disrupt the unity that was emerging in Europe, WWII was a Draco war aimed at feasting on the fear of humanity.

Dracos dissociated key leaders into making terrible decisions that lead to catastrophes against the civilian population of the world. An example would be the Napalm bombing of Tokyo during morning rush hour or the insane bombing of key cities in Europe.

Mainstream history tells us that the intervention in Europe by the United States lead to the collapse of the Nazi regime. The real history is that Hitler baited the American armies into a trap at the German border.

For some strange reason the United States had air superiority throughout the liberation of France. The Luffwafe was the most trained air force in Europe with the best technology. Germain planes weren't far from the MIGS that would later claim fame in Vietnam. The question that eludes most historians is where was the Luftwaffe throughout the summer and fall of 1944.

The answer is that Hitler was baiting the Americans into overextending. He then met them at the border with fresh Panzer divisions. This was then followed by a brutal aerial assault which almost lead to the destruction of the American army. The Americans took 50 percent causalities throughout the December of 1944 and early January of 1945.

A different kind of intervention saved the Americans. An entire Panzer division was vaporized by a faction that was in orbit at the time. This allowed the Americans to simply roll into Germany without much resistance. Hitler fled immediately after on a submarine to Argentina.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

9/11 Terrorist Attacks

The 9/11 terrorist attacks was solely carried out by the Bush faction and their allies.

The Rothschild family took credit for it but ultimately they were against the plan because it was too blatant.

There was another Illuminati family that is considered one of the main families that was involved with the attack. They housed many of the Israelis that planted the thermite in the towers. They also funded the coporation that the Israeli group operated through.

Another Illuminati family from Asia was half-heartedly involved with the attack. They sent money so that they could claim partial credit for the attack.

What many people don't realize is that the Bush faction nearly lost control of the executive branch in the days immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attack. The only thing that saved them was their propaganda outlet Fox News.

Two wars sparked from the chaos of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The war in Afghanistan was about controlling another outlet to push drugs into Europe and the United States. The war in Iraq was a trade-off for Israeli involvement with the attacks. Israel did the dirty work while the Bushes helped them consolidate power in the Middle East. Iraq under the Hussein regime was Israel's arch-enemy during the decade leading up to the terrorist attack.

Corporations such as Academi played a major part in the Iraq war. Many soldiers that were unfit for duty in the United States military found themselves in Academi/Blackwater. Many of these soldiers stayed in the Middle East long after the war. Many of these people were programmed and found themselves carrying out operations for terrorist psy-op groups.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Crimes of Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran first came to the Pleiades around 500,000 years ago while the Pleiadians were enslaved. He incarnated on a reptilian controlled planet who were subsidiaries of the Draco Federation. His mission was to overturn the situation. He failed and succumbed to mind-control programming.

    He eventually went to Taygeta system where he first got involved with the Pleiadian High Command approximately 200,000 years ago. The Pleiadians at the time had just overcome a long period of being enslaved by the Draco Federation.

Ashtar tried to start a mutiny on the ship. He was baited down onto a  Draco Federation controlled planet to be tortured and programmed for months.

Overtime he eventually gained control of the Pleiadian High Command by using black magick techniques to dissociate the key members of the deck into making bad decisions. He caused them not to finish many interventions which eventually lead to the Draco Fedration gaining control of this system. One example of this was when he caused the Pleiadian High Command to not finish a key intervention which lead to the destruction of Maldek. He is also mostly responsible for the fall of Atlantis.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sphere Beings Update

The Sphere Beings are a very advanced race that originate from another galaxy. They are one of many very advanced Draco groups that come down and dissociate the remnants of the Draco Federation into carrying out their plan.

The Sphere Beings are basically a futuristic version of the Dracos if they ever evolved as a race.

The Sphere Beings are very programmed. The Dracos on Earth have been manipulating them into giving them very advanced technology such as the technology that muted the galactic central sun and genetic manipulation technology.

The Sphere Beings are basically a 7d group that were once similar to the Dracos but never deprogrammed. They are kind of racist in the sense that they blindly trust groups that look like them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Resistance Movement

The Resistance Movement consists of Pleiadians who were baited down to the surface to perform alpha operations and were then barred from the ship. These people then formed a plan to help awaken the surface population and overthrow the Illuminati in 2012.

The Resistance Movement is not centralized by any means. Some of the Pleiadians that were baited down were completely unaware and were not able to make it to a safe location underground without being programmed. On the other hand there are others that understood the situation and were able to make it underground safely. The ones that remained on the surface were able to join governmental agencies such as the NSA but were loyal to the Illuminati or in other words they were dark hats.

The plan to liberate the planet in 2012 nearly succeeded. During the summer of 2012 the Illuminati actually began to negotiate their surrender. The problem was that not enough people took collective action to force it. The Illuminati kept stalling and stalling to prolong the situation. Then eventually the galactic central sun was muted by the Draco Federation and this noticeably slowed down the evolution of humanity.

Monday, April 11, 2016

About the Future

Order of the Star is currently intervening on this planet. Order of the star is a collection of benevolent extraterrestrial groups that are volunteering to help this planet. The planet has mostly been liberated from Draco enslavement but there are still a few obstacles that remain in the way.

Order of the Star would like to see more people making conscious contact with them telepathically. All one has to do is simply ask them for intel and guidance. If you would like to get involved with the intervention then ask them telepathically for ways of getting involved.

Over the coming months people will see their lives gradually improve. It will be noticeable to those who have the eyes to see but there are a lot of people that are so entrenched in their former reality that they will continue to live as they have always lived. Order of the Star would like to see those who consider themselves a part of the awakened community help these people dissociate from their slave reality.

Order of the Star is focusing on creating healthy outlets for competition. Also people should begin to purify themselves by eating healthy and drinking water. Once again yoga and meditation will be safe to practice. Finally Order of the Star would like to see people learn different telepathic techniques so that they can maintain contact with the surface population.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Galactic Central Sun Intel Update

The question that everyone is asking is why is this alien intervention occurring now and why didn't it occur in December of 2012.

December 21, 2012 was the crest of the energy but not the end. The energy of the galactic central sun will continue to hit the planet until 2018. This means that the chance for evolution as a group is still open for people on the surface of this planet.

The summer solstice of 2012 was a very intense day and some people were actually able to reach their ascension for a few hours on that night. This really terrified the Dracos and as a result they used a technology given to them by the Sphere Beings to mute the galactic central sun.

As a result December 21, 2012 was a huge let down to many people because there wasn't a lot of energy reaching the planet.

The Galactic Central Sun has been unmuted.

The Galactic Central Sun is still in this cycle physically but etherically it has entered another

If you want to experience the energy of the galactic central sun all you have to do is spend time outside.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Intel Update 4-5-16

The Sphere Beings that once maintained an outer perimeter have been removed from power. Their intent was to consolidate power over the planet and to turn human beings into a slave race similar to the Greys.

The infrastructure inside of the moon placed by the Sphere Beings has been dismantled. It needs to be noted that the Sphere Beings are not the Blue Avians. The Blue Avians are a 5d group from the Lyran constellation while the Sphere Beings are a giant reptilian group that operate out of the Andromedan galaxy.

The various secret space program factions are still in orbit and are refusing to come down to the surface.

There are around 50 groups that are a part of Order of the Star that are currently preparing or running operations on Earth in order to help with the liberation of this planet.

There is currently a technology being used that is deprogramming people during dream-time. R.E.M. sleep needs to be achieved for the best results.

Crop circles are beginning to pop-up again to help dissociate people out of their false reality. There will also be an increase in etheric and physical UFO sightings.

For the most part the Illuminati has been dismantled. There are still places where the Illuminati has gone underground and are continuing to do rituals.

There are a lot of people in the United States and other western countries who have no conception of aliens or what is going on in the world. These people are going to need emotional support. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Illuminati Famous

Most of the starseed children taken underground in 1996 belonged to ancient bloodlines that were seeded by the Pleiadians and the Andromedans. An example of one of these bloodlines would be the Romanov bloodline which continued to exist after the collapse of the Russian Monarchy during the first World War. A lot of these children were kidnapped from their families, taken into the United States and placed into families which contained second and first generation Project Mannequin sleepers as handlers.

These people have been targeted by the top Illuminati families their entire lives and are what is considered "Illuminati famous". Illuminati famous basically means that a person is targeted to be initiated by the top families in order to control them. Often times these people are baited into becoming famous. If not, it is not uncommon for the Illuminati to initiate their entire town in order to control them if they are not controlled through normal means. It is hard for an Illuminati famous person to have a real relationship because everyone around them is generally mind-controlled or killed.

An Illuminati famous person is generally so deep into the Illuminati that they don't realize that they're actually a part of the Illuminati because they’ve experienced mind-control techniques from the moment they were born. The main families of the Illuminati generally care about turning these people into assassins, drug-runners, deltas and beta-sex slaves.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

White Lotus vs. White Dragon Society

There are a lot of perversions on the internet about what it means to be in White Lotus. White Lotus is just a term used for people who are trained that choose to be a white hat or in other words people who choose to protect rather than serve the Illuminati families. A White Lotus assassin is someone who uses their ability to protect who can help themselves but do not have the physical ability or are not trained.

There are certain Asian families who are loyal to the Illuminati who have perverted White Lotus. The assassins that serve this family try to kill White Lotus assassins. It's basically a white hat vs. dark hat war. When an assassin becomes loyal to the Illuminati either by being programmed, bribed, becoming addicted to drugs or by not having any moral fortitude they become a part of the White Dragon Society.

Various insiders have talked about various Dragon Groups. Groups such as the Red Dragons or the Green Dragons don't actually exist. These are lies that the White Dragons tell insiders in order to give the perception to people in the West that they have a lot of power over Asia.

Assassins have the ability to change the geopolitical situation in any given country. For that reason, in order for the Illuminati to control the world, they have to kill or corrupt all of the assassins.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Intel Update 3-15-16

The astral plane has been cleared of all Archons.

All Draco groups who have chosen not to deprogram have been removed from the galaxy.

An outer-perimeter has been formed around the sector to stop groups from casually observing and to stop malevolent groups from intervening.

This planet is the last holdout of the Draco Federation and they are not giving it up easily. Over the last few days various negative groups have been running suicide missions into the sector.

A positive Atlantean group that has been in the sector for 10,000 years has deprogrammed and is ready to make contact.

Motherships are beginning to enter into the atmosphere in order to wake people up from their programmed reality. They will be cloaked during the day and uncloaked at night.

First contact protocol has been initiated and is beginning with dream time experiences.

New-born babies are being smothered in North and South Korea in order to stop the flow of psychic children who are reincarnating. The Order of the Star is intervening.

There is currently a clearing of darkhat hackers across the world.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Khazarian Mafia

We have heard a lot about this group from other White Hat sites. This group has been heavily involved with American politics for a few decades now.

Their main front for exerting control over Washington D.C. is through the Israeli lobby which is known as AIPAC. They do this mostly through  lobbying or bribes.

Their capital is Chicago, Illinois.

Another front group for the Khazarian Mafia is the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan has mainly used the Baptist Church as their main base of operations. Recently this group has come out and supported Donald Trump for President of the United States.

One of the main tricks of the Khazarian Mafia is the rigging of voting machines in order to steal elections in the United States. That is their only use to the Rothschild faction.

This group was recently sacrificed by the Rothschild faction when Russia placed Israel under a complete military blockade. Israel is pretty much completely irrelevant when it comes to the world stage currently.

They are known to assassinate bloggers and people who write negative things about them in order to cut the flow of intel.

They've always controlled the Italian families that made up the Mafia in Chicago.

They are deeply invested in the rap and hip hop industry.

South Korea and Underground Crime

Signapore is the Illuminati capital of South Korea

Republic of Korea is a corporation and not sovereign state.

Many children are kidnapped from South Korea to be used as beta-sex slaves in Tokyo.

When it comes to the drug trade, Tokyo and Signapore are in a symbiotic relationship. Most crystal meth labs are operating out of Signapore and the meth is sent into Tokyo.

The Yakuza ship drugs into South Korea.

Hwong Kyo-yahn is cooperating with the LDP party of Japan. Hwong Kyo-yahn's cabinet consists of many people who are loyal to the Yakuza. He is deeply conencted to the underground crime network operating out of Hong Kong.

He was once a White Hat but has been deeply compromised.

The South Korean Triads receive their orders from Hong Kong which is the Rothschild capital of Asia.

Psychic people are in danger.

Contact Order of the Star Council for personal interventions

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Intel Update 3-10-16

The vast majority of human-being have been physically implanted.

There are tracking implants that are commonly placed in the foot but can be found all over the body. They are used to monitor the movements of all mind-control victims.

There is an implant that is placed in the sacral chakra to limit the flow of kundalini energy.

There is an implant located in the pineal gland that limits the ability to remote-view.

There is an implant located in the back of the head. This implant limits the flow of energy to the crown chakra.

The tracking and sacral chakra implants have been shut-off by Order of the Star. In the immediate future the implants located in the back of the head and pineal gland will also be shut-off. This will cause the psychic ability of everyone who is implanted to increase dramatically. Psychic ability is naturally magnified at night.

Contact Order of the Star Council for encouragement and guidance.

The head implants will be shut-off within the next week, 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Intel Update 3-8-16

Intel Update 

There has been a massive intervention on this planet by Order of the Star. Order of the Star is a confederation of different races from all dimensions of existence.

The Blue Avians are playing a major part in this intervention on the physical plane of existence.

All NSA capabilities have been completely dismantled.

All banks have been nationalized which means that the banks can no longer do whatever they want with people's assets. Also internet infrastructure has been put in place by the Blue Avians to stop the hacker presence.

The deep web has been completely dismantled.

The conflict in Syria has come to an end.

All Dracos and reptilians along with their infrastructure have been removed.

All underground bases have been destroyed including the city of Telos. The Telosians have been secretly in league with the Draco Federation and have been getting people sacrificed by the Illuminati in the Mount Shasta area up until two months ago.

For interventions on a personal level contact Order of the Star.

Also there is a massive operation underway to deprogram all individuals on the surface of the planet. If you believe yourself to be a mind-control victim contact Order of the Star Council. All you have to do is ask for help.

Initial encounters will begin in dream-time.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ashtar Sheran and the Ashtar Command

Ashtar Sheran and the Ashtar Command

The name Ashtar Sheran often pops-up in New Age lore as a white hat who is overlooking the world from his command post in the Ashtar Command. People who are aware with the exopolitical community would be familiar with the legend that this group made contact with Eisenhower in the 1950's. In reality, this group came down to receive programming in deep underground military bases. This group has completely compromised the Pleiadian High Command.

Ashtar was able to compromise the Pleiadian High Command by baiting them into landing on the planet and then barring them from the ships. The Pleiadians that were barred from the ships make up the so-called "Resistance Movement". All of the Resistance Movement were picked up and used as Deltas in the Syrian conflict. Some of them were taken into deep underground military bases underneath Syria and held hostage.

Ashtar Sheran almost completely compromised the starseed incarnation waves on this planet by leaking their addresses to the Rothschild/Bush faction. This is how they were able to pick up and program every single starseed on this planet in the early months of 1996. The group that was taken in 1996 makes up the third generation of Project Mannequin Milabs.

The famous Vrillon TV hijacking which aired on an BBC news on November 26, 1977 was a ploy to trigger the suicide programming of sleeper MILABs. Vrillon is a high-ranking officer in the Ashtar Command.

 It should be noted that while 90 percent of the Ashtar Command were deep undercover Archons who wanted to take control of the Earth, 10 percent of them actually believed in Ashtar and thought they were helping the planet; Vrillon was the highest ranking member of this group.

The majority of the crew that makes up the Ashtar Command came over from the Pleiadian High Command in June of 91' after there was a change in leadership.

The Ashtar Command is also known as Giza Intelligence.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Pleiadian High Command

Pleiadian High Command

The Pleiadian High Command is the military arm of the Pleiadian star cluster. They have been intervening in some regard in every major war since Atlantis. The last time they intervened on the physical plane was during the mid-Atlantean period 30-40'000 years ago when Atlantis and Lemuria were at war with each other. Eventually the Pleiadians just pulled out of the situation before the war ended. The war eventually ended with Lemuria basically being sacrificed by its inhabitants with all the White Hats going underground to form Telos.

After this the Pleiadian High Command mostly decided to intervene through starseed missions. The last wave of starseeds to  be extracted from Atlantis was 300-400 years before the final deluge. During this lifetime most of the Pleiadians who made up the Pleiadian High command were deeply programmed in underground bases by the Dracos. Most of these individuals never reincarnated and still maintain the physical vessels that they had in Atlantis. For this reason, the Pleiadian High Command technically are not Pleiadians; they are earthlings and to be more precise they are Atlanteans who are caught inn this cycle and may or may not be on the surface of the planet currently.

Throughout the course of human history since the final deluge of Atlantis. the Pleiadian High Command has been baited into landing on  the surface of the planet. abducted, and taken to high-profile Illuminati rituals on the surface of the planet where they were programmed further. For that reason, they are all mind-control victims who dissociate a lot. They have been under the control of Ashtar Sheran who has basically been their handler. For this reason, the Pleiadian High Command has been completely dissolved and is now under the direction of Order of the Star which is the white magick occult order that most positive races in this galaxy are apart.

It should be noted that on there are no Pleiadians currently on the physical plane of Erra. All of the Pleiadians that once made up the Taygeta-Erra Pleiadians are currently caught in this current cycle because starseed missions have been ongoing since the Final Deluge of Atlantis.

The Sphere Being Deception

The Sphere Being Deception

The Sphere Beings are a group that gained notoriety on the internet from the postings of Corey Goode. His mistake is that he made the assumption that the Blue Avians were actually the Sphere Beings. The Blue Avians are a group from the Lyra constellation that appear to the people on the surface of the planet who have the most potential to aid in the evolution of humanity. The Blue Avians are what we would consider a 6th dimensional race. The Sphere Beings are a group of very large reptilians who are basically the father race of the Draco factions that are currently holding out on this planet.

The Sphere Beings have created an outer barrier in order to delay the situation for as long as possible. Their main tool of deception is their ability to mimics voices to channelers and other telepaths. They usually latch on to legitimate information in order to pervert it. Their goal was to make as many people as possible in the awakened community believe that they were the creators of this galaxy.

Besides that, they have been using basic dissociation techniques in order to control the Draco factions that are currently holding out on this planet. Many of the Dracos factions including the faction that was holding out at Montauk wanted to stand down and surrender but have not been able to because they are being controlled by the Sphere Being faction. The Sphere Beings have also used other techniques to control the including scalar wave infrastructure which makes it easier for people to dissociate and black out.

Citizens United and Illuminati Candidates

Citizens United and Illuminati Presidential Candidates

The number one rule in American politics is that whoever has the most money generally gets to do whatever they want. In other words, whoever gets the most bribes, whoever sells out to the highest paying corporations, whoever goes to the most Illuminati rituals to receive programming is able to do whatever they want in Washington D.C.

The only exception to that rule is that up until 2010 there was actually a limit on how much money could be spent in Presidential campaigns.  In other words, up until 2010, actual presidential candidates had a chance to win an election because there were on an even playing field with the candidates that the Illuminati chose to win. This was overturned with a case in 2010 in which the Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional for there to be a limit on the amount of donations a single candidate could receive.

Think of it this way, if I have a billion dollars and my opponent has only 500,000 dollars I can basically buy out all ads on TV, print and any other media outlet which means that the person with the most money is going to have a far greater success manipulating the masses because of their ability to reach more people.

The candidates who are going to have the most money are the candidates that are receiving donations from the Illuminati corporations or the corporations owned by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the other main families.

With the Citizens United court case in 2010, the Illuminati basically bought the presidency for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The White Dragon Society

The Lin Family

Most people that are involved with the "conspiracy" community know all about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers but little has been written about the Lins. The Lins are a family mostly located in Hong Kong. Like most of the thirteen families they are basically an undercover Rothschild family since most of them have Rothschilds as handlers; in other words, this family is basically a Rothschild front.

What most people don't realize is that there isn't really any unified action between these groups. They all secretly hate one another. The Rothschild allowed the Lins to control Hong Kong in order to create the illusion that Asia was under the complete control of the Illuminati.

An example of the crimes that this family has committed is the funding of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as well as the London subway bombings in 2005. The Lin family also funds the Triads which is an underground crime gang based mostly in China.

People that are familiar with intel are aware of groups such as the White Lotus Society and the White Dragon Society. The White Lotus Society is an assassin league that is meant to protect the white hats of the world. This league has been corrupted by Asian families like the Lins because their assassins are loyal to the Illuminati. It needs to be noted that White Lotus is an etheric league meaning that anyone who is trained in the martial arts that is loyal to the planet and not to black magick groups is a part of it.

Another group that often pops-up is the White Dragon Society. This group is basically an Illuminati front for the Lin family.

The Lin family has many houses in the United States that are meant to be used as bases of operations in the ISIS Holy War that has been planned.

Recent history of the Lins

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Project Mannequin and Starseeds

Scalar waves are used by the Dracos in order to stimulate traumas in order to get people to black out. This is the fundamental method that is used to create mind control slaves

Many starseeds born in the 90s and early 2000s were kidnapped in early 1996 and taken to  deep underground military bases. An example would be Fort Deatrick in Frederick Maryland. There is basically a large subway type station that would ship these kids underneath the ocean into various tunnels all around the world. The kids were used as beta sex slaves, drug runners, deltas and assassins. A large majority of the kids that were used were discarded. The ones that weren't used were placed back into society to activate as sleepers as a part of the Rothschild's Muslim vs. Christian Holy war which would precede the New World Order. Another batch of starseeds were taken in the mid 2000's and programmed as sleepers.

More about Project Mannequin

What many people don't realize is that the leaders of the Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian High Council were deeply programmed. Most of them were born into a bloodline during the Atlantean period that they used for starseed missions in order to shape the events on Earth in a positive direction. Most of the key Pleiadians involved on this planet were involved with these missions. What they didn't realize is that during the late Atlantean period many of them were taken into deep underground military bases and programmed by the Dracos who had taken over the main continent of Atlantis by that time. Most of these Pleiadians are currently still incarnated in that body. Most Pleiadians and Pleiadian starseeds involved with this planet are technically earthlings since they are stuck in the current cycle of evolution.