Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Intel Update 3-8-16

Intel Update 

There has been a massive intervention on this planet by Order of the Star. Order of the Star is a confederation of different races from all dimensions of existence.

The Blue Avians are playing a major part in this intervention on the physical plane of existence.

All NSA capabilities have been completely dismantled.

All banks have been nationalized which means that the banks can no longer do whatever they want with people's assets. Also internet infrastructure has been put in place by the Blue Avians to stop the hacker presence.

The deep web has been completely dismantled.

The conflict in Syria has come to an end.

All Dracos and reptilians along with their infrastructure have been removed.

All underground bases have been destroyed including the city of Telos. The Telosians have been secretly in league with the Draco Federation and have been getting people sacrificed by the Illuminati in the Mount Shasta area up until two months ago.

For interventions on a personal level contact Order of the Star.

Also there is a massive operation underway to deprogram all individuals on the surface of the planet. If you believe yourself to be a mind-control victim contact Order of the Star Council. All you have to do is ask for help.

Initial encounters will begin in dream-time.


Austin Shannon said...

Any relations to the order of the eastern star?

this is not my life said...

How does one contact the Order of the Star Council?

WhiteHatDarkHat222 said...

Just meditate, ask for Order of the Star Council and listen for a female voice. If you're not psychic then purify yourself, do yoga, and meditate at night.

peterpan said...

i probably aren't psychic yet i consider myself to be "purified" and practice tai chi ad qigong and meditate at night. any other suggestions?