Friday, March 4, 2016

The Pleiadian High Command

Pleiadian High Command

The Pleiadian High Command is the military arm of the Pleiadian star cluster. They have been intervening in some regard in every major war since Atlantis. The last time they intervened on the physical plane was during the mid-Atlantean period 30-40'000 years ago when Atlantis and Lemuria were at war with each other. Eventually the Pleiadians just pulled out of the situation before the war ended. The war eventually ended with Lemuria basically being sacrificed by its inhabitants with all the White Hats going underground to form Telos.

After this the Pleiadian High Command mostly decided to intervene through starseed missions. The last wave of starseeds to  be extracted from Atlantis was 300-400 years before the final deluge. During this lifetime most of the Pleiadians who made up the Pleiadian High command were deeply programmed in underground bases by the Dracos. Most of these individuals never reincarnated and still maintain the physical vessels that they had in Atlantis. For this reason, the Pleiadian High Command technically are not Pleiadians; they are earthlings and to be more precise they are Atlanteans who are caught inn this cycle and may or may not be on the surface of the planet currently.

Throughout the course of human history since the final deluge of Atlantis. the Pleiadian High Command has been baited into landing on  the surface of the planet. abducted, and taken to high-profile Illuminati rituals on the surface of the planet where they were programmed further. For that reason, they are all mind-control victims who dissociate a lot. They have been under the control of Ashtar Sheran who has basically been their handler. For this reason, the Pleiadian High Command has been completely dissolved and is now under the direction of Order of the Star which is the white magick occult order that most positive races in this galaxy are apart.

It should be noted that on there are no Pleiadians currently on the physical plane of Erra. All of the Pleiadians that once made up the Taygeta-Erra Pleiadians are currently caught in this current cycle because starseed missions have been ongoing since the Final Deluge of Atlantis.


Austin Shannon said...

What's the agenda behind Asthar at this point? Is he also a mind control victim? What are his intentions, his end goal?

WhiteHatDarkHat222 said...

Yes Ashtar is a mind-control victim. He's always been programmed to a certain extent. In the 1950's he came down and willingly went into a deep underground military base to be programmed. This is when he more or less completely lost his mind and after that he was only a dark hat. He was Valiant Thor.

William Warren said...

..anyone ever ask Billy Meier about this poop. I know of an "Annunaki officer" on Mars involved in PSI warfare with humans, he even attempted to murder Dick Cheney. Meier has documents and contacts he has never discussed.."waiting for the movie script offer" Mr. Billy?