Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Crimes of Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran first came to the Pleiades around 500,000 years ago while the Pleiadians were enslaved. He incarnated on a reptilian controlled planet who were subsidiaries of the Draco Federation. His mission was to overturn the situation. He failed and succumbed to mind-control programming.

    He eventually went to Taygeta system where he first got involved with the Pleiadian High Command approximately 200,000 years ago. The Pleiadians at the time had just overcome a long period of being enslaved by the Draco Federation.

Ashtar tried to start a mutiny on the ship. He was baited down onto a  Draco Federation controlled planet to be tortured and programmed for months.

Overtime he eventually gained control of the Pleiadian High Command by using black magick techniques to dissociate the key members of the deck into making bad decisions. He caused them not to finish many interventions which eventually lead to the Draco Fedration gaining control of this system. One example of this was when he caused the Pleiadian High Command to not finish a key intervention which lead to the destruction of Maldek. He is also mostly responsible for the fall of Atlantis.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sphere Beings Update

The Sphere Beings are a very advanced race that originate from another galaxy. They are one of many very advanced Draco groups that come down and dissociate the remnants of the Draco Federation into carrying out their plan.

The Sphere Beings are basically a futuristic version of the Dracos if they ever evolved as a race.

The Sphere Beings are very programmed. The Dracos on Earth have been manipulating them into giving them very advanced technology such as the technology that muted the galactic central sun and genetic manipulation technology.

The Sphere Beings are basically a 7d group that were once similar to the Dracos but never deprogrammed. They are kind of racist in the sense that they blindly trust groups that look like them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Resistance Movement

The Resistance Movement consists of Pleiadians who were baited down to the surface to perform alpha operations and were then barred from the ship. These people then formed a plan to help awaken the surface population and overthrow the Illuminati in 2012.

The Resistance Movement is not centralized by any means. Some of the Pleiadians that were baited down were completely unaware and were not able to make it to a safe location underground without being programmed. On the other hand there are others that understood the situation and were able to make it underground safely. The ones that remained on the surface were able to join governmental agencies such as the NSA but were loyal to the Illuminati or in other words they were dark hats.

The plan to liberate the planet in 2012 nearly succeeded. During the summer of 2012 the Illuminati actually began to negotiate their surrender. The problem was that not enough people took collective action to force it. The Illuminati kept stalling and stalling to prolong the situation. Then eventually the galactic central sun was muted by the Draco Federation and this noticeably slowed down the evolution of humanity.

Monday, April 11, 2016

About the Future

Order of the Star is currently intervening on this planet. Order of the star is a collection of benevolent extraterrestrial groups that are volunteering to help this planet. The planet has mostly been liberated from Draco enslavement but there are still a few obstacles that remain in the way.

Order of the Star would like to see more people making conscious contact with them telepathically. All one has to do is simply ask them for intel and guidance. If you would like to get involved with the intervention then ask them telepathically for ways of getting involved.

Over the coming months people will see their lives gradually improve. It will be noticeable to those who have the eyes to see but there are a lot of people that are so entrenched in their former reality that they will continue to live as they have always lived. Order of the Star would like to see those who consider themselves a part of the awakened community help these people dissociate from their slave reality.

Order of the Star is focusing on creating healthy outlets for competition. Also people should begin to purify themselves by eating healthy and drinking water. Once again yoga and meditation will be safe to practice. Finally Order of the Star would like to see people learn different telepathic techniques so that they can maintain contact with the surface population.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Galactic Central Sun Intel Update

The question that everyone is asking is why is this alien intervention occurring now and why didn't it occur in December of 2012.

December 21, 2012 was the crest of the energy but not the end. The energy of the galactic central sun will continue to hit the planet until 2018. This means that the chance for evolution as a group is still open for people on the surface of this planet.

The summer solstice of 2012 was a very intense day and some people were actually able to reach their ascension for a few hours on that night. This really terrified the Dracos and as a result they used a technology given to them by the Sphere Beings to mute the galactic central sun.

As a result December 21, 2012 was a huge let down to many people because there wasn't a lot of energy reaching the planet.

The Galactic Central Sun has been unmuted.

The Galactic Central Sun is still in this cycle physically but etherically it has entered another

If you want to experience the energy of the galactic central sun all you have to do is spend time outside.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Intel Update 4-5-16

The Sphere Beings that once maintained an outer perimeter have been removed from power. Their intent was to consolidate power over the planet and to turn human beings into a slave race similar to the Greys.

The infrastructure inside of the moon placed by the Sphere Beings has been dismantled. It needs to be noted that the Sphere Beings are not the Blue Avians. The Blue Avians are a 5d group from the Lyran constellation while the Sphere Beings are a giant reptilian group that operate out of the Andromedan galaxy.

The various secret space program factions are still in orbit and are refusing to come down to the surface.

There are around 50 groups that are a part of Order of the Star that are currently preparing or running operations on Earth in order to help with the liberation of this planet.

There is currently a technology being used that is deprogramming people during dream-time. R.E.M. sleep needs to be achieved for the best results.

Crop circles are beginning to pop-up again to help dissociate people out of their false reality. There will also be an increase in etheric and physical UFO sightings.

For the most part the Illuminati has been dismantled. There are still places where the Illuminati has gone underground and are continuing to do rituals.

There are a lot of people in the United States and other western countries who have no conception of aliens or what is going on in the world. These people are going to need emotional support. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Illuminati Famous

Most of the starseed children taken underground in 1996 belonged to ancient bloodlines that were seeded by the Pleiadians and the Andromedans. An example of one of these bloodlines would be the Romanov bloodline which continued to exist after the collapse of the Russian Monarchy during the first World War. A lot of these children were kidnapped from their families, taken into the United States and placed into families which contained second and first generation Project Mannequin sleepers as handlers.

These people have been targeted by the top Illuminati families their entire lives and are what is considered "Illuminati famous". Illuminati famous basically means that a person is targeted to be initiated by the top families in order to control them. Often times these people are baited into becoming famous. If not, it is not uncommon for the Illuminati to initiate their entire town in order to control them if they are not controlled through normal means. It is hard for an Illuminati famous person to have a real relationship because everyone around them is generally mind-controlled or killed.

An Illuminati famous person is generally so deep into the Illuminati that they don't realize that they're actually a part of the Illuminati because they’ve experienced mind-control techniques from the moment they were born. The main families of the Illuminati generally care about turning these people into assassins, drug-runners, deltas and beta-sex slaves.