Saturday, June 18, 2016

WWII History

While WWI was a Rothschild war to disrupt the unity that was emerging in Europe, WWII was a Draco war aimed at feasting on the fear of humanity.

Dracos dissociated key leaders into making terrible decisions that lead to catastrophes against the civilian population of the world. An example would be the Napalm bombing of Tokyo during morning rush hour or the insane bombing of key cities in Europe.

Mainstream history tells us that the intervention in Europe by the United States lead to the collapse of the Nazi regime. The real history is that Hitler baited the American armies into a trap at the German border.

For some strange reason the United States had air superiority throughout the liberation of France. The Luffwafe was the most trained air force in Europe with the best technology. Germain planes weren't far from the MIGS that would later claim fame in Vietnam. The question that eludes most historians is where was the Luftwaffe throughout the summer and fall of 1944.

The answer is that Hitler was baiting the Americans into overextending. He then met them at the border with fresh Panzer divisions. This was then followed by a brutal aerial assault which almost lead to the destruction of the American army. The Americans took 50 percent causalities throughout the December of 1944 and early January of 1945.

A different kind of intervention saved the Americans. An entire Panzer division was vaporized by a faction that was in orbit at the time. This allowed the Americans to simply roll into Germany without much resistance. Hitler fled immediately after on a submarine to Argentina.