Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7-27-16 Intel Update "Refugee Crisis"

The leading Illuminati/Cabal factions are being implanted with type of technology that is operating from an implant station centered in Alpha Draconis.

There is a stand-off that is still occurring in Alpha Draconis involving stranglet bombs. This situation is very much connected to the irrational behaviors and mindsets that is shown by many of the leading Illuminati/Cabal factions. 

The Sphere Beings, a heavily programmed 7d reptilian group, are partially responsible for the on-going refugee crisis that is still occurring in Europe.

The Sphere Beings have implanted mind-control victims connected to the ISIS situation with an implant technology that causes the victim to never deprogram or heal fully.

The refugee crisis is a psy-ops being carried out by mind-control victims who are programmed to believe they are a part of the terrorist organization ISIS. This psy-ops began with 7/7 era mind-control victims that were still living in Europe.

The refugee crisis lead to the downfall of one of the leading Cabal/Illuminati factions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Intel Update 7-19-16 "Syria"

The war in Syria had its beginnings in 2011 as a protest against the regime. It then quickly turned into a proxy war with ISIS as the funded proxy army. After the Russian intervention in 2014 it turned into something much different, an exopolitical affair.

There are negative ET factions that have existed in bases underneath Syria since the time of Atlantis. These factions had a lot of influence in the actions and the decisions made by all of the groups involved with the conflict.

The goddess vortex underneath Syria is actually a crystal-technology that was placed there during early Atlantis. It makes the region unusually purified which causes psychic ability to be magnified. The area is not a chakra node of the planet.

There are many Atlantean and Roman tunnels underneath Syria. The main tunnel runs underground from Europe, though Syria and the Middle East, to the Giza pyramid in Libya. Its orignal use during Atlantean times was for different groups to mingle and experience the energies. It was mainly charged by the pyramid of Giza but also experienced energetic influences from the crystal technology that is located underneath Syria. It's other use was for different groups to experience and show-off each others technology.

For these reasons, Syria has always been an energetic node of the planet that has drawn interest from negative factions.

The war in Syria quickly became a feast for the Dracos because they feasted off of the atrocities that were being committed. They were also dissociating people into committing horrific actions against the population of Syria.

The war in Syria was a lot worst than anyone can really imagine and the consequences are still being felt from it.

The war was originally being supported by the Illuminati but it spun out of control and backfired in their face. It didn't really serve much of a purpose for the Illuminati other than to disrupt the evolution of the collective consciousness that was emerging due to the galactic central sun.

Think about the wars that are going on at this very moment.

Many people thought that the conflict was simply a civil war between two political factions but it nearly escalated into a widespread regional war that could have engulfed the Middle East.

Besides the Dracos, Ashtar also had a hand in Syria. He put many of the casualties in Syria back including some of the original ISIS members.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Final Deluge of Atlantis

During the final centuries of Atlantis there were basically three classes of people. There were the people that operated out of orbit that came from the Pleiades, there were the people that existed on the main continent of Atlantis and the colonies, and there were the people that existed everywhere else.

What many people don't realize is that during Atlantean times there were millions of people who had absolutely no clue as to what was going on. These people had very little technology and were not that much different from the indigenous tribes that exist today. These people often became toys of the Atlanteans. They would experiment on these people with the technology that they had developed. The Atlanteans were known for their genetic experiments. There are many hieroglyphs and cave-paintings that exist of humans with animal heads or other animal parts. These paintings are historical records of the genetic atrocities that were taking place on the surface of this planet during late-Atlantean times.

The other technological group that existed on this planet operated out of orbit and openly ran physical missions inside of the atmosphere of Earth. This group was known as the Pleiadian High Command. They often went back and forth between the Taygeta system and this solar system. Their main objective during the final centuries of Atlantis was to counter the growing Draco presence that was taking control over Atlantean society.

Atlantis had many colonies. The main island was located in what is known today as the Bermuda Triangle. By the time of the final deluge the Dracos almost had complete control over this area. There were other colonies such as Egypt and Greece which were a lot less under the control of the Dracos. These colonies continued to exist for a short period after the final deluge.

The final deluge wasn't a natural disaster. It was caused by archonic group that began to see the Atlanteans as rivals. They destroyed the main continent using a super-sonar technology.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Intel Update 7-12-16 "Illuminati Update"

The implant stations inside of the Kepler belt were successfully removed by the Pleiadians which lead to key Illuminati members having moments of clarity.

There are other groups on this planet that exist that are separate from the Illuminati/Cabal that can rival the Dracos/reptilians in technology and power.

These groups exist outside of the Illuminati and have always been baited into using their technology to consolidate power over the population for the Dracos.

Most of the key Illuminati members on the face of the planet have been removed. These are the people that do not appear in public and are generally unknown.

The head of the Illuminati has been cut off and there hasn't been any organization by them in nearly 7 months.

The hierarchy of the Illuminati/Cabal is under complete siege and is falling a part at a very accelerated pace.

Any group that enters into the atmosphere of the planet either physically or etherically is immediately tracked by groups with advanced technology. They are then targeted with a technology that simulates the effects electro-shock torture. This makes it very hard for the group to make decisions while operating within the atmosphere. It also leads to a lot of groups being baited into landing physically on the surface of the planet and being forced into stasis-pods by certain Draco factions.

Non-physically or etherically the Pleiadians have been going back and forth between Taygeta and our solar system. Physically the vast majority of them are in stasis-pods underground in the Taygeta system or in deep underground military bases around the world. 

The Ashtar Command which is an off-shoot of the Pleiadian fleet has been in orbit around the Earth sinch the 1950s and can be considered one of the secret space program factions.There was a general split among the Pleiadian High Command which lead to the creation of the Ashtar Command. Ashtar was willing to align with the Dracos in order to have some control of the Earth while the Pleiadian faction would only settle for unconditional surrender. There has always been people in the Ashtar Command that baited Ashtar into making decisions that aided the population of Earth.

Neither of the groups can live up to the prestige given to them by New Age lore. They make mistakes like everyone else but together the Asthar Command and Pleiadians have delayed the plans of the Cabal for 10,000 years which has given the population of Earth a chance to evolve at the end of this cycle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intel Update 7-5-16 "On-Going Intervention"

We are in the opening stages of an unprecedented intervention that will lead to global changes on the face of this planet.

All negative groups along with their infrastructure are currently in the process of being removed.

This sector is the only area in this galaxy and local galaxies where the Dracos were able to successfully wage war. There are many groups that exist non-physically and are not conscious of the fact that their physical bodies are in stasis pods.

Stasis-pods are a type of technology that mimics the physics of orbit. In other words, the person inside of the pod is able to receive nourishment without eating, is completely purified, and is very immersed in dreams. There are a lot of off-planet groups that have been regularly operating etherically inside of this solar system but are not conscious of the fact that they have been placed into stasis pods by the Draco Federation many millenias ago. An example of a stasis pod would be the technology witnessed in the first matrix movie without the pink goo.

As we speak, there is currently a stand-off ongoing in Alpha Draconis. Very evolved benevolent groups have become conscious of the intervention occurring on Earth and decided to lower their frequency so that a massive sector-wide intervention could begin to dissolve the final remnants of the Draco Federation that took over this galaxy many millions of years ago. They are giving the Dracos a chance to stand down and deprogram. Most of the infrastructure that the Dracos have been using is connected to a mother computer located in Alpha Draconis. While the infrastructure has been removed from Earth it needs to be understood that there are still implants that influence thousands of other races that were once under the dominion of the Draco Federation.

 Understand that there are literally billions of evolved groups that exist physically that have never experienced war, famine or destruction. There are also super-groups that exist way above the ascended master frequency or 5th dimensional frequency that has been made famous by the New Age Movement.