Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Intel Update "ISIS Implants"

The ISIS problem in Syria turned into a devastating exopoitical problem when Archon groups began implanting the ISIS terrorists which caused them to completely lose their mind. This lead to sadist acts on a massive scale.

The situation got even worst when ISIS elements began to infiltrate western countries. This lead to a zombie apocalypse-type scenario with millions upon millions of people receiving the ISIS implants.

This lead to a direct intervention by benevolent off-planet factions with the intention of quarantining the ISIS implants. The entire solar system was threatened due to technology that exists in underground tunnels. 

The Dracos played off the situation. The idea was to turn everyone on the planet into a Tall White Being by genetic altering them. This process has since been reversed. 

A large portion of the planet became a casualty due to the ISIS implants.

The situation is still being reversed. The problem now is ancient breakaway factions that exist in underground tunnels. These factions are holding the planet hostage with scalar-wave facilities. 

Scalar waves cause everything to appear darkened. They can cause people to become dissociated out and forget things. Scalar waves have a psychedelic effect on consciousness, 

Scalar waves can cause the Earth and sun to literally die which leads to all of us dying as well.

Scalar waves are the fundamental reason why the Dracos and the Illuminati are able to have influence over the planet. In order to finish the intervention people must be taught about scalar waves so that the Orion Slave System can never occur on this planet again. Please teach others and learn more about scalar waves using your own natural abilities. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scalar Waves

Scalar Waves are a component that are commonly used by Archonic groups to dissociate people into making bad decisions.

This component can literally kill a star or a planet when focused in great quantity.

Scalar waves make it very hard for higher-dimensional groups to intervene on Earth because it can contaminate their body causing them to make bad decisions which could lead to them being caught in the reincarnation cycle.

Scalar waves made up a large portion of the Veil which was completely dismantled in February of 2015. 

It also makes it very hard for super-groups to see what is going on with Earth because they literally cannot see the planet when they look down.

Scalar waves originate from a parallel universe. They were brought here by accident when a group figured out how to phase into this universe. Archonic religions began to form around scalar waves because of how it could be used as a weapon to cause people to dissociate.

Another word for scalar waves is dark matter.