Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Tribe of Dan

Some of the deepest secrets held by the highest occultists on this planet are the origins of the white bloodline. Most Caucasian people on the face of this planet can trace at least a part of their ancestry to one tribe that is known as the Tribe of Dan. The Tribe of Dan was one of the 13 non-technological tribes of Atlantis which are known in today's mythology as the 13 tribes of Israel. The other white bloodline intact today is generally known as the Tribe of Mohab which more accurately is the red bloodline.

The Tribe of Dan was chosen to repopulate the Earth following the Great Flood which is told in the book of Genesis. In the book of Genesis Noah was chosen to repopulate the animals on the Earth. The Great Flood was originally meant to destroy the giant race which inherited the Earth immediately following the destruction of Atlantis. The giant race existed on a separate timeline than the tribes of Atlantis until its collapse. The giant race are known as the The Nephilim in the Old Testament.

The tribe of Dan was an Andromedan bloodline. Many Andromedans which are present on the Earth today are  due to the fact that they were disposed of from their Adromedan Command post which is still an orbit faction that intervenes from the 6th dimension on Earth occasionally to this day.  The Tribe of Dan also has a deep connection with the Ashtar Command which has been a consistent orbit faction of Earth for the last 13,000 years.

The vast majority of American Presidents in the United States can trace at least a part of their genetic heritage to the Tribe of Dan. This notion is a part of the legends that all leaders of the United States are genetically related to each other in some regard.

This bloodline can trace its origins from North America during Mid and Late Atlantis. It then ventured into the Middle East immediately following the Great Flood. For a short period of time they were the leadership of the Spartan city-state. One of their most recent locations would be in central Europe as a part of the Germanic Tribes.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Astral Plane Update 4-17-17

The astral plane is being cleansed for the first time of ancient infrastructure that has made it hard to operate on the surface  of the planet.

New infrastructure has been placed on the astral plane in order to organize soul groups.

Scalar Wave Infusions

The dark occult has always been based around the black magick cities of the world.

Throughout the history of the planet these cities have been under siege from scalar wave facilities that have left the ground around them scarred with scalar wave infusions. When an area is infused with scalar waves it simply means that the ground has been stained to the point that it is constantly emitting scalar waves. This stain tends to lower the ground temperature of the immediate area. This effect can also occur on the physical body when one is consistently beamed with scalar waves.

Scalar waves can lower the brains capacity to function which can lead to irrational decision-making.

A scalar wave infused area is easily re-scalarwaved because it is more susceptible to

It is hard for these areas to be cleansed without the general consensus of the population because deep underground military elements commonly focus scalar waves onto these areas for months to years at a time.

The Chimera group is another faction that would often use their technology to create scalar wave infusions using the HAARP facilities.

Historically scalar waves have been one of the primary weapons used to compromise ancient facilities of benevolent off-planet factions.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Occult Usage of Scalar Waves

One of the deepest secrets of the dark occult movement focus around the usage and effects of scalar waves.

Many underground occult movements utilize the use of scalar waves in order to help maintain control over the surface population.

Scalar waves are a dark etheric substance that has degeneration effects on the human mind and body. Scalar waves generally tend to be utilized at night to embellish darkness. For instance, an example of a scalar wave night would be a night that appears as being unusually dark.

 A person sitting in scalar waves can experience limited brain wave activity that can lead to immature decisions. Scalar waves can literally physically devolve the human mind if used enough without the proper wear. Scalar waves also tend to mute the feelings of joy and happiness.

A symptom of someone who has been contaminated with scalar waves is an uncontrollable impulse to make irrational decisions in order to control a situation that comes out of no where.

During scalar wave rituals participants have to wear a non-physical suit in order to combat the effects of scalar waves.

Historically scalar waves have been the fundamental substance used in technologies by dark underground military such as the chimera group. An example would be their magnifier technology that is used to magnify the energy of their dark rituals in order to activate mind-control victims. Another example would be the veil which muted the natural abilities of human beings for the last 2000 years.

Religions have been organized around scalar waves in the local galaxy which is why open space appears to be dark.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Astral Plane Update "Hostage Situation"

One of the main problems facing the planet right now is technology on the astral plane that is being misutilized by dead ISIS mercenaries.

The technology is a astral spirit technology that is being used to put people into dangerous situations with malevolent spirits.

Throughout life most people have at least two spirits operating off of the astral body that inhabit the body due to this technology. Often times it is experienced by a person waking up and then suddenly having new ambitions and outlooks towards life.

The astral body or spirit has a very strong influence on the personality of a human-being even down to their personal likes and dislikes. It also changes the people that they tend to gravitate towards due to the change of soul frequency.

This technology is currently being focused on key individuals in order to hold it hostage as well as other mischievous reasons.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Nazi Moon Base

The Nazis were much more than political party, they were a corporation that excelled in the creation of technologies especially anti-gravity machines. They began their process of taking over the German government with the appointment of Adolf Hitler as half chancellor of Germany in 1933.

As the Panzer divisions lines fell at the Battle of the Bulge in January of 1945, the Nazi leadership began the process of fleeing Germany. Many fled to Argentina, while the deep underground officials began the process of looking for an ancient based located in Antarctica.

One of their first acts after World War II was to consolidate power over the U.S. government by a famous UFO sighting over the White House in the 1950s.

The U.S. government brought ex-Nazis to the United States through project Bluebeam. These Nazis mostly worked in rocket propulsion technologies in surface facilities. The Nazis secret technological programs were carried out underground.

This faction was able to reach orbit by 1945. As the Germans chances of winning WWII began to collapse around them, the corporate underground Nazis graduated to breakaway civilization and fled Germany. They went on to develop a moon base.

In the 1970s the Nazi faction declared war on the Draco Federation and their orbit fleet was completely destroyed as well as their moon facilities.

This factions most recent contribution to the planet is the cintamani stone. They were able to network and gain access to the cintamani stone through their orbit connections. They invested in the cintamani stone in order to create as much volatility on the surface as possible as the planet reached the end of the Mayan calendar cycle.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Galactic Central Sun Update 1-25-17

The planet is experiencing increasing volatility.

A galactic central sun invocation will help one evolve with the planet and other humans. Simply say "I invoke the galactic central sun".

Another way to connect with the galactic central sun is through the cintamani stone. The cintamani stone acts as a focal point for the galactic central sun.

A Nazi faction brought the cintamani stone to the surface of the planet.

The energy of the galactic central sun is the energy of evolution.